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I starting training with Laura back in February. I was going through such a hard time mentally and was constantly feeling so bad about how I looked because of the weight I had gained because of this.  After having my two girls I had totally lost myself as a person and didn’t bother to look after myself properly by eating the right way or exercising. Since joining LBF I’ve noticed such a difference In myself both physically and mentally. I still have a long way to where I want to be physically but I’m on the right path and have come leaps and bounds already and that’s because of Laura 😊 She is always there to give me that extra boost on days when it’s needed and she never fails to make me feel that anything you can put your mind to is achievable. Her classes are fun, motivating and she always has such a positive, smiley and upbeat way about her that you can’t help but want to join her! She’s taught me that celebrating the Non scale victories are just as important as those scale victories and that no food is good or bad you just need to have everything in moderation to lead to a healthy relationship with food. Laura has helped me massively more than she knows and I could not recommend her highly enough she’s an absolute star! ⭐️❤️. -
I started training with Laura during lockdown in 2020, after giving birth to my son I was in awe of what my body had achieved but I was so unhappy with my weight gain. I was the biggest I had ever been, I had to throw out most of my clothes because they didn't fit and even though I was loving being a mum I had completely lost myself.When I saw Laura was launching her first plan, I knew I had to join and I am so glad I did. From someone who has never been overly active and never looked at what I was eating it was a huge lifestyle change for me. Laura helped me build a good relationship with fitness, enjoy all food and not punish myself if I had something "bad". I loved the first plan so much that I continued to join the next two plans. In 12 weeks I lost 1st & 2lbs, I dropped a dress size and suddenly had a bound of confidence. Laura teaches you to celebrate your non-scale victories as much as the scale victories. The small wins that make you smile from ear to ear are what matters. I never felt pressured and I found I could workout at my own pace. Laura understands the reality of life and being a mum herself, can relate to busy schedules.I lost weight the healthy way, I have learnt what it is my body needs and have sustained my weight loss even when I am not following a plan. If you are looking to lose weight, reach a goal or just to move more, Laura is the PT you need. -
I have known Laura for over a decade now and she has always been someone who is supportive, empowering and up for a challenge.During the last decade she has taught me pole for about 6 years and always believed in my ability, she has pushed me (positively) to do new moves and has always made it fun, with things like, doubles moves, pole bingo or urban pole when on trips. As well as teaching me pole she has helped me lose weight with her nutrition plans and helped me get stronger with her fitness classes.During lockdown I logged in most mornings to workout virtually with her and others and she helped me stay motivated in a time I could become dormant. Since becoming pregnant and having a baby, she has also been a great resource as she is qualified in pregnancy and postnatal exercise.I see how Laura is with everyone she coaches and she empowers everyone to be their best self. Laura definitely has a client for life in me. -
When I signed up to Laura’s programme in January, I was 4 stone overweight, miserable, lacking energy, I had no desire to exercise and I had no direction with food. Within a week of joining Laura, I felt motivated and excited to workout, inspired to achieve my goals and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into my meal-plan provided by Laura. I instantly became more adventurous with my food and more conscious of what I eat.The workouts are varied and fun, and Laura walks that fine line of giving you a tough workout, whilst keeping it enjoyable. Since January I have worked out 5 times a week and haven’t once felt unmotivated or bored. As soon as you join Laura, she is there for you 24/7 for support and advice. She sets realistic and achievable goals that are unique to each individual and she keeps you inspired to hit those targets throughout.I have lost almost 4 stone since having my little girl in October last year and I’ve learnt how to have a healthy and sustainable relationship with food as well as feeling confident in my own skin again. This is a way of life for me and I have Laura to thank for that. -
I have known Laura for over 10 years anything she does she always gives 1000% her workouts are no different for the passed 3 months I have been using the Instagram workouts there are new workouts added all the time with lots of variety if you fancy working on a certain area and different intensity.The workouts are great if you need a bit more flexibility with fitting your workouts in during the day and is also great value for money. -
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